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Progress & Diary

Progress since returning from Coniston Power Boats Record Week where in November 2011 our driver Jim Noone, the fastest living British hydroplane pilot, put K777 through her maiden runs has continued on a number of fronts and a brief update is as follows:

After a Team de-brief and going through K777 / her engine / checking the support equipment, we had a visit from Paul Davidson, one of our gas turbine consultants. With Paul's advice and guidance we then altered some aspects of the existing air intakes and after some initial tests with static engine run ups further tests will follow shortly. 

                                           Coniston Return Nov 2011

The Team agreed that since going public at Coniston Water and in consideration of the terrific positive support we received from the public it would be sensible to put up a website which we hope you enjoy. If you could provide us some feedback upon the website format and whether you feel there are improvements we could make to it over time as it evolves please let us know.

We are planning to run K777 again in the not too distant future and are in the process of considering our options of where and when this will be within the UK. Ideally some time on the water with the lake to ourselves and good weather conditions is what is required to provide the drivers with some valuable seat time in the boat which will act in part as a learning platform.

With regard to the World Water Speed record we are aware that the Belgian Daniel Dehaemers is well on with his World Water Speed Record challenger, as are Australians Ken and Dave Warby the very experienced father and son team, who all will be very hard acts to chase. There is also another Australian Colin Johns building a challenger. Knowing the difficulties that lie ahead we have the very greatest of respect for any of these projects who set out upon such a venture and in an act of genuine sportsmanship, we sincerely wish them all the very best.  


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