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About The Project

The team has built 'in house' using our own highly skilled engineers, including those of whom are former Rolls Royce and BAE Systems trained, entirely at our own expense, a jet hydroplane of an immediately recognisable format in the K777, which is a learning platform, inspirational and a joy to see and hear run. This we duly did in private until she was completed, whereupon she was given the name K777 and made ready to display to the public.

      roll out 1    roll out 2

The K777 hull is an all aluminium engineering work of art that has been designed and built using a combination of traditional and advanced engineering, delivered for public display on time, within budget, with all the success and drama of putting on a good show when she was publicly displayed for the first time upon Coniston Water in 2011. 

The K777 Team are a combination of engineers, boat racers, boat builders, gas turbine specialists and Members of Windermere Boat Racing Club who are all passionate about jet boats.

  Barrow A  Barrow C  Barrow B

The Project leader of the K777 is Charles Morris and along with the rest of the Team we welcome anyone to become actively involved in assisting this highly patriotic adventure. We hope that you enjoy repeatedly visiting this website as it is regularly updated with news and progress reports of the K777, with modern safety features such as an F1 style carbon fibre safety cell, detailing when she will next be run for the enjoyment of all. 

  Trim test 1    Ben 1



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