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Build and Research Photos

Above, a selection from our own Motive Power Museum provides the perfect inspiration

for our design engineers, some of whom are shown below:

Helical Office


Helical 1

Whilst our traditional & advanced engineering workshops begin to build K777

Helical 2

Our own inspection & testing facilities monitor production.



The above photo shows one of K777's Orpheus gas turbines during rebuild within our Museum. 

Metal forming at its best, simply a stunning work of art as K777 begins to take shape.

One of K777's Bristol Siddeley Orpheus gas turbines after rebuild.

Rudder of K777 solid billet steel being machined directly from 3D CAD drawing.


Forming the hull  of K777 by our highly skilled former British Aerospace engineers.

What these Projects are all about, inspiring the engineers of the future.

K777's beautiful all aluminium main hull just prior to going into our paint shop.

Traditional signwriting from a Master Craftsman adds the finishing touches.

Launch cradle

K777's transport & launch cradle being completed.

Roll out of K777 for trim tests at the rear of our premises, 28th October 2011.



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