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This K777 Project is undertaken not in some far off land but within our own Country making it highly accessible for the public to follow and attend when the craft is run. In so doing it will fire the imagination of children through to adults and thereby provide a superb educational platform where subjects such as science, mathematics, computing, engineering technology, media and enviornmental study, combine to become exciting, fun and interesting.

You can perhaps imagine the teacher who informs their class that they are all going on a trip to see a boat powered by a jet engine, where the children or students may climb around it, see and listen to it by the side of the lake, ask questions of the pilot and team, then watch their faces light up as they know they are in for a good time! 

                                           Children 3

It is well known by parents and teachers that children and older students that are enjoying themselves become enthusiastic about the subject matter. Under such a positive environment the class actually want to learn, whatever their ability and that obviously brings out the very best in them.

From the outset the K777 Team were aware that within this Project we had a terrific opportunity to actually put something good back into our Community and are therefore looking to schools, colleges and universities who wish to become actively involved in using the subject as an Educational Tool.

If you would like your school, college or university to become involved with following, assisting or supporting this great adventure, please contact us now. In return we can then regularly update this area of the website with information that we trust you will both enjoy and be of benefit to those within education.


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