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Diamond jubilee ceremony

The daughter of the great Donald Campbell said she “wouldn’t have missed” a certain ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bluebird K7 at Salmesbury Engineering.

Gina Campbell, the only daughter of the only person to set both world land and water speed records in the same year in 1966, planted an Oak Tree, donated by Myerscough College, on the site of the former engineers works,  which is now the driving range at Salmesbury Hall.

Ms Campbell also unveiled a plaque at the hall’s driving range where the warehouse that the K7 was originally built in would have stood.

Steve Whalley, who organised the event, that also saw a replica of the K7 – the K777 – arrive at the hall, said: “It was a brilliant day and it was really well attended.

“Incidentally Gina is a keen golfer so she ended up having a bit of a turn on the driving range as well while she was there.”

Members of the K7 and Speed Record Club were also in attendance.

Ms Campbell had flown in from Australia for the ceremony, where she had been to celebrate another of her father’s anniversaries, before heading home to Leeds.

She also gave her seal of approval for the bar in Salmesbury Hall to be renamed ‘The Bluebird Bar’.

K777 To Feature At Scorton Show, Lancashire Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th June 2012

K777 has been invited to feature at the Scorton Show this coming weekend. This event is one of the largest annual Shows within the North West featuring over 600 vehicles of all types, shapes and sizes. There will be stunt motorbike displays, lawn-mower racing, with live music entertainment into the night and is THE event for all the family to attend on Father's Day! 

See: www.scortonsteam.co.uk 

K777 will be transported from the Helical premisies at Lytham on Friday afternoon 15th June to Scorton, Lancashire, which is approximately 15 minutes off either Junction 32 or 33 depending upon which way you are travelling on the M6 and she will remain at Scorton for the duration of the show over the weekend.

Once there the craft will be a key exhibit of the Show and all our supporters are invited to come along to see and get close to K777, along with meeting members of the Team who will be pleased to chat and discuss the building of the craft with you, how and where she is hoped to be run this year and where we are up to with the British attempt upon the World Water Speed Record. 

Come and have a great day out or even make a weekend of your visit given there is so much to see and do along with supporting K777's first appearance of 2012.

November 2011:

Press statement from Gina Campbell QSO and Helical Technology's Engineering Director Charles Morris on 4th November 2011 at Coniston:

Charles and I met this morning and had a very long conversation. We spoke about his ambition to bring the World Water Speed Record back to Britain and his admiration for my father as well as his aim to excite young people about the Engineering heritage that made this country great.

Both Helical Technology, who built the K777 hydroplane, based on Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7 design and the Bluebird Project, who are rebuilding the original Bluebird K7 share a passion for British Engineering. The Bluebird Project aims to rebuild Bluebird K7 to its original glory and Helical represent Campbell's enthusiasm and perseverance against all odds.

We realised that what really matters is that by cooperating and working with each other, we can not only help rebuild the legacy of one of Britain's great icons; Bluebird K7 but also demonstrate that as her intrepid pilot Donald Campbell used to say: "We're all playing for a team and we're all playing for the same team."

It also highlights the importance of inspiring our nation's young people to get involved with Science, Engineering and Innovation. We are today facing a brave new world but know these challenges can be overcome by keeping alive the British spirit of pushing the envelope in engineering and innovation.

Gina Campbell, QSO and Charles Morris.


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